تَمَامًا \ absolutely: completely: You are absolutely wrong. all: completely: I’m all alone. Your hand is all dirty. They stood all around me. altogether: completely: I don’t agree with you altogether.. dead: (in special uses, as adj or adv) sudden; suddenly; completely; exactly: He stopped dead in the middle of the road. I arrived dead on seven o’clock. directly: straight: I live directly opposite the cinema. entirely: completely: The work is not entirely finished. exactly: with complete correctness; just: That’s exactly what I wanted. fully: completely: I fully agree with you. heartily: thoroughly: I heartily agree with you. just: exactly: Just so. That’s just what I want. He’s just as old as I am. nicely: very well: This chair will suit me nicely. out: completely: I was tired out. perfectly: faultlessly; completely. quite: completely: You’re quite right. It’s not quite cooked. He’s quite the best player in the team. It was quite a surprise to me. right: exactly: It is right in the middle of the field. smack: directly and violently: I hit him smack in the eye. stone: (with a few special adj.) completely: Stone cold; stone dead. supremely: completely; perfectly: Supremely happy. through: completely: My clothes were wet through. well: (no comparative forms) thoroughly: Shake the bottle well. wholly: completely: It’s wholly untrue.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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